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How Too Activate Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 & 2017 for Free

Microsoft Office 2013 is known to us that, a valid product key is required to activate a Microsoft office 2013, 2016 and 2017 program. It is an important application for daily activities. Without product key, if a user wants to active Microsoft office 2013 program than he/she need to use one of the below options-

  1. Use of iSumsoft Product Key Finder: Suppose, you have installed office program 2013, but somehow reinstall needed. In that situation, you have to use product key but you already lost it. To get or find your lost product key needs to use iSumsoft Product, Key Finder.
  2. Use of Microsoft Toolkit instead: If you are not using a paid version of Microsoft office 2013, that means you don’t have the product key. You can’t use another product key this is because one product key can be used only once. You can active your office program by using Microsoft toolkits instead.

How to get a lost product key with the help of product key finder:

iSumsoft Product Key Finder is a powerful program to find your lost product key. To find your product key you just need to follow below step-

Step-1: The user need to download iSumsoft Product Key Finder from the internet and install it

Step-2: When the user launches it, he/she will find an option named “start recovery”. The user has to click on it.

Step-3: Then this application will automatically find the Microsoft office 2013 product key. Now, the user has to click on “save to file” option. When they click on it, it will save the product key on your computer as a txt file.

Tip-1: this application will also find another product key at the same time.

How to free active Microsoft office 2013 without purchase product key:

There is lots of activation toolkit in the internet and Microsoft toolkit is one of them. Microsoft toolkit helps you to active your office program without the product key. You just have to follow following steps-

Step-1: You have to download Microsoft toolkit from the internet. It can be the direct application to use or may be a zip file. If it is a zipped file then you needs to make it unzip. Now, you have to install it.

Step-2: Now, you have to select Microsoft office 2013 programs to get activated.

Step-3: You have to click on activation button.

Step-4: Now, you need to restart your PC and can enjoy free full activated office program.

So, you should download kmspico software which can allow to activate your Windows and office for free.